A device created for people with visual impairment, by people with visual impairment.

Here you will find the development of Themis the device created for people with visual impairment. Themis will be a device that will help people with visual impairment to navigate outside their comfort area. They will have a hands-free experience while avoiding obstacles. It will be a head based design like a headset that we are wearing to listen to music.

Our device is currently in BETA testing. What does that mean?

BETA testing is the stage where we have a standard product in which we can do a lot of alterations for the needs of the user. The device in the picture above was given to 3 BETA testers. Our BETA testers are all people with visual impairment and in different categories of impairment. These testers will be having the device for some period of time and they will give us feedback on what needs to be fixed or to be added so we can make the device more user friendly and useful to them.

Why does it look like this?

This design helps our developers to adjust the sensors that we are using to each and every of the BETA testers. They all have different heights, act differently while they are walking and of course they have different kind of visual impairment. BETA testing Version 3 as call it now can be adjusted by the user itself if the sensor cannot detect obstacles. The speakers can move closer or further from the user’s ear. Our device has heat resistance from the sun while our processor is protected. For the version 3 we have 2 different head sizes which can fit to our BETA testers. The final product will NOT look like this.

What about the parts and the components?

For the BETA testing Version 3 device and for the final product we are using fully certified equipment. Most of our parts and components are from Germany and Italy. We want to ensure the well being of our user as well the experience of having a device with the components needed to help them. We are developing the device by the recommendations of our users. It can be powered up by a smartphone or a power bank so it is easy to use.