Meet our Partners and read about their services.

Idea Cy

IDEA Innovation Center promotes innovative entrepreneurship by educating people with great ideas to turn them into innovative products and companies. They have the team and the means to make any idea into a success.

Bank Of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus is the main founder of Idea and thus the biggest supporter of start-ups in Cyprus. They help the ecosystem to grow bigger by investing to start-ups that have innovative ideas.

Epiteugma Training Center

EPITEUGMA is a professional training center approved by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus and the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA). EPITEUGMA provides, among the big variations of courses, robotics powered by Wargaming. Epiteugma and its students are helping us develop our devices in more ways than anyone can imagine.


One of the few start-ups in Cyprus that were created to help people with disabilities. They are non profit and their mission is to help people with disabilities with their services.

Association for the Walfare of the Blind

An association that was founed with a sole purpose to help people who are visually impaired and blind. They are active since 1972 and they are helping their members in all the aspects of community induction and for updating the living conditions for its members

2 Doors Factory

2 Doors Factory is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Cyprus. They help, growing innovative businesses to attract more clients and increase their revenue by improving their presence. They believe that the best way to deliver an exceptional user experience is by deeply understanding peoples’ needs and desires and presenting the solution in a professional manner that speaks to the audience. 2 Doors Factory helps companies deliver that great experience which leads to happy and loyal clients.