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Residential Pressure Washers

With a vast hands-on experience with pressure washers for a long period of time, you can expect us to have known all the nitty-gritty concerning these products. Combining the experience and practical knowledge of our team, we definitely have all the expertise to guide you on matters concerning pressure washers. Our main goal is to see you find the best products available in the market currently. After the testing process, we outlined the most important features of those products while keeping in mind their maneuverability and efficiency.

From time to time a part will need servicing beyond what we can help with by phone and sending parts. In those cases, we’ll arrange for the saw to be sent to New Jersey.

Table Saws

Some models are equipped with soap tanks, a feature that can be quite useful when you have to perform thorough cleaning. For instance, if you want to remove stains and grime off the driveway, having a pressure washer that can spray soapy water can greatly help in the process.

You can prevent this problem from occurring by simply turning the bar regularly to assure that wear is spread evenly. Like Excalibur saws, the Pégas features a tilting arm controlled by a rack and pinion system that allows you to dial in an angle quickly and accurately. It also has a spring-loaded locating pin and matching holes for common angles, such as 0°, 45°, and 221/2°, to make it even easier to orient the arm. Actually, we were told that the gas/oil mixture should never be left in the unit and should be emptied after each use.

Agiiman Pressure Washer

Never use extension cord for an electric powered pressure washer. Never climb on an uneven ladder while using an electric pressure washer. Hose Extension – If your electric pressure washers came with shorter hose, then it is better to purchase an extension. It helps you reach areas safely without any limitations. Follow Me Washers – In this innovative design, 4 wheels are provided to the pressure washer instead of two. This will reduce the time taken for stopping and adjusting the equipment while cleaning. Finally, professional-grade electric pressure washers come with 3,000+ PSI.

You can clean your rooftops, large decks, and patios thoroughly with a pressure washer. It supports pressure washers that are rated for high pressure to 4000 psi making it the perfect model to clean hard surfaces. The EDOU is another pro-grade professional surface cleaner that can clean an area of 20” wide. This is perfect for clearing off stubborn stains in large surfaces like the driveways, patios, decks, and sidewalks. An amazing steel surface scrubber, especially when I am on the go to clean those tough stains from my driveway. My cleaning time has incredibly reduced and the entire credit goes to the robust stainless steel nozzles.