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Case out targets, then dive into the melee with your hand-picked team of gangsters or detectives. Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world.

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The weapons you use are graded by color to tell you their comparative quality. You will be transported to ancient Greece with this browser game. You own a city, and you need to progress it to secure your place among the other gamers. The controls might be a little challenging to master at first. You have the vast frontiers of space to explore and gather resources. At the same time, you need to be careful of enemy attacks. This game will make you laugh and also teach you the power of collaboration.

Eight new ‘Mechs have been added to the world of BATTLETECH, including seven classic designs from the original board game along with a never-before-seen ‘Mech designed exclusively for this expansion. New methods of destruction await as eight devastating weapons systems are now available to wreak havoc like never before. Pirates Outlaws is an easy-to-play roguelike card game.

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Master random encounters with its inhabitants, upgrade your train and keep it from derailing. Carto is a chill adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-shifting puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of new friends, and guide Carto on her journey home. Depending on which weapon you have chosen, you have three special abilities in this game. But each new level also brings tougher challenges to overcome. Apart from the heroes, you can also raise and equip your armies.

  • If that sounds intimidating, Ubi do offer a Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition so you can try it at a lower price.
  • The latest series entry evokes that same feeling despite the meta changes presented by a barrage of Rainbow Six Siege operators with more new operatorscoming in regular post-launch updates.
  • As an esport it’s going global, while still allowing inexperienced high school minnows the chance to attain the glory of a major tournament place.

112 Operator allows you to manage emergency services in any city in the world! Dispatch units, take calls and face situations caused by weather, traffic or changing seasons. Help the city survive escalating events like riots, organized crime, terrorist attacks, cataclysms, natural disasters and many more! Full 3D visualisation will give you the inside view of your units’ actions. Choose from over areas, such as districts, municipalities, and tens of thousands of real cities from all over the world. Face the dynamic weather, based on authentic, historical data. Watch the incidents change as day or night comes, traffic increases and seasons pass.

Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, and finally protect it from the creatures who don’t really like you. You play as the Pupils, a civilization that must reach the center of the world. You’ll have to manage their resources, their buildings.

Watch out for extreme conditions that may lead to cataclysms and natural disasters. Weather isn’t your only problem though — be careful when dealing with terrorist attacks and gang wars. Before We Leave is a non-violent city building game set in your own cozy corner of the universe. Overcome ancient challenges and fend off hungry space whales. Company of Crime places you in the heart of 1960s London. Will you build an influential criminal empire, or head up an elite Scotland Yard task force and crack down on the rising tide of corruption?

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Help them grow wiser through agriculture, crafting, scientific and mystical research before the world is submerged. Be careful though, you have to manage your tribe perfectly and make sure they’re not starving or taken by surprise by the waters. is a co-op multiplayer game where you have to work together with your friends to build a train track across endless procedurally generated worlds.