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Startup Programs

Here, you’ll see all the programs that are set to turn on when Windows boots up. Take a look at the column on the far right labeled Startup Impact. Examine anything rated as having a “high” or “medium” impact and decide whether it’s really important.

If all you do on this PC is game, then the answer might be yes Bat To Exe Converter (64 Bit). If it’s a multi-purpose PC, the answer is almost definitely “no.” You don’t want to turn off anything that’s mission-critical, even it does have a “high” impact, but take a good look at everything.

If none of these steps make a difference, then perhaps it’s time to make the switch to a new system. The graphics processing unit is rarely upgradeable in notebook PCs. However, your desktop PC might be a good candidate for a newer GPU, which will be of interest mainly to gamers. However, if you do image or video editing on your PC, then a new GPU can help performance there as well. Other good ideas including looking at the Page file, turning off search indexing, and updating component drivers. There’s also the ReadyBoost feature, which uses a USB stick as a cache.

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As we’ve discussed before, however, we’re not convinced this will do much to boost performance. This last tip doesn’t affect PCs with solid-state drives (by the way, if you don’t have an SSD yet, we highly recommend getting one), but it’s good advice for those with hard drives. This change probably won’t do much on mid-range and high-end machines, but budget devices with limited ram and weaker CPUs can benefit. Like other versions of the operating system, Windows 10 uses visual effects that can reduce performance. These are items such as animations, window translucency, shadow effects, and so on. It’s wise to copy your OneDrive files to another section of your PC before you do this.

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  • But even without such “in-your-face” restarts, which are actually quite rare, the downloading of updates on the background limits your connection speeds and takes up working memory on your PC.

It looks redundant, but different programs depend on different versions. When your computer restarts automatically because of a system or program update, by default Windows 10 tries to reopen everything that was open on the desktop before the shutdown. It’s a nice feature, but it can also impact performance, and turning it off is easy. Do you really need Steam to start up when you sign in to your PC, for example?

In this section, you can also activate a feature called Storage Sense, which automatically deletes temporary files and other junk when it’s not needed. Using this feature can help you figure out what to delete , but there are a few things you don’t want to touch. First, even if you see a ton of them in the “Apps & features” section, do not uninstall any of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables.