Cyprus Prosperity Association For Blind

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We were invited to a dinner to demonstrate our device in front of people with visual impairment on the 2nd of February 2020. After a lot of presentations in front of businessmen and businesswomen we think this one was the hardest. Because until that day we were trying to persuade people without vision issues that we are developing something that can actually help people with vision issues. In front of an audience of 60 and more people with visual impairment we are not trying to convince them that we have something that will make them 100% independent.

The best part came when people from different ages wanted to try our devices. Marios was doing the adjustments for each user on spot showing them how easy it is to adjust our BETA testing Version 3 device to each users needs. Thanasis was doing the sound check ups and the user was ready for a test “drive”. The curiosity of the people at the dinner was getting even higher. After the test all the people who used it gave us their feedback and people who were watching also gave us their feedback on what they need.

And what we got in return was not only some good feeback.

We shared the same happiness of a device that helps them!