DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival

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Our first event that we have participated. We traveled at Tel Av-iv in Israel to participate in the biggest event for start-up companies. Our co-founders presented our company and its services. We spent 3 days at the event, where we found companies that were interested in our idea of creating devices for people with disabilities. With some of them we exchanged our contact details and after the event we discussed how we can cooperate and make peopel with disabilites more independent.

But the event was not just that. Companies from arround the world came to the event to present their “Path to Success”. Companies like Amazon, VMWare,  Google for Startups, Deloitte, ASUS and more. We have attended all those events so we can be taught from the best. We came back to Cyprus full of ideas and with the question “What is our next step?” in our minds.